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Portable power station, every family deserves it

  The battery is a great invention, especially the "lithium battery" we use today, no matter whether there will be more advanced batteries in the future, at least the current "lithium battery" makes our lives more colorful. Cell phones, cameras, laptops, hand-held power tools, even cars, airplanes, etc. are inseparable from "lithium batteries."

  Portable energy storage power supply, Many people call it a large power bank, a large mobile power supply, an outdoor emergency power supply, and an outdoor uninterruptible power supply.

  In 2013, when the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan leaked, coupled with the fact that there were many earthquakes and typhoons in Japan, there were frequent power outages, affecting the lives and work of local residents.

  At the beginning of 2021, the Texas area had a large-scale power outage due to extreme snowstorms for many days. California, which is hot in summer, may also have planned power outages at any time. If you have a portable energy storage power supply at home, you can keep the food in the refrigerator at home from spoiling in such an emergency, allowing you to eat steaming freshly cooked food, allowing you to continue to use electronic products such as computers and mobile phones without any worries.

  The portable energy storage power supply was developed to solve the power shortage. This product can be independently powered from the grid, can efficiently use solar power, lithium battery large-capacity storage, and then converted into various AC and DC power to supply people's daily electrical appliances, such as Lighting, cooking, boiling water, tea, computer, printer, telephone communication, etc.; because it is light, it can be easily carried in the home and office to ensure normal life and work.

  The concept of the product at that time was Power Station, with power generation, power storage, power transformation, power supply, monitoring, software and hardware protection, frequency modulation, fault self-check, fault recovery, several functions in one, the concept of household energy storage photovoltaic energy storage power station, Works developed after miniaturization.

  The biggest feature of the portable energy storage power supply is that it can get rid of the limitation of "wire", and it can supply various electrical appliances for a long time, such as alternating current and direct current, and it is light and portable.

  The mobile power station is actually a large storage battery. It does not need natural gas or propane for power generation, and it is pollution-free; there is no noise like general generators, and it is very quiet; it takes up less space, but it needs to be recharged by connecting to a socket at ordinary times. And some can also use solar energy to charge. Mobile power stations are more suitable for families that rarely experience power outages, just in case, they are actually more suitable for camping or outdoor recreation, such as playing movies and singing.