Ultra-large-capacity portable power station~The shelter is also in use, with ultra-full charging terminals!-Powerbeaster

Ultra-large-capacity portable power station~The shelter is also in use, with ultra-full charging terminals!

  More and more equipment

  There is an urgent need for uninterrupted power supply

  Regardless of outdoor adventure, crossing, camping



  Emergency outdoor work, rescue, etc.

  need uninterruptible power supply


  With 100,000 mAh battery capacity and strong scalability, it can not only charge multiple devices at the same time, but more powerfully, it can not only charge laptops, DJI and other devices, but also charge through ordinary sockets, solar energy, and car Way, easily meet the daily or frequent outdoor large power usage needs. . .

  can supply different types of electricity to a variety of different large and small devices at the same time!

  Wherever it is outdoors

  can charge multiple mobile phones at the same time


  can also directly be a laptop or other equipment

  Simultaneous charging and use


  These are just two random examples. There are many other uses for you to open your mind. Anyway~ Bring SowKoo EBP-1000w, you can go to the wild in groups of three or five to play as much as you like

  In addition to outdoors, it can also provide emergency power supply for the home. When the power supply is suspended from the normal channels in an emergency, there is no need to rush to use it to easily handle it. It provides power for various devices to ensure emergency and safe use!

  Effectively protect it from voltage instability and overheating damage to the equipment, and always remind the body temperature changes, so that you can use it boldly and worry-free.

  can also provide power supply requirements that cannot be provided by general power supply equipment when working in the field. For example, it is very quiet without the noise of large generator cars, not afraid of harsh environments, and so on. With it, there will always be surprises.

  It can be charged in three different ways, such as standard sockets, car chargers, portable solar panels (optional), and it does not take as long as expected to be fully charged. The household DC is EBP-1000w Charging (only 4 hours), and outdoors can be charged through the car cigarette lighter, and the use of SowKoo's portable solar panels, and the carbon emissions of 0 is very environmentally friendly

  Compared with the powerful function, the volume of this charging artifact can be regarded as a mini, the length, width and height are respectively 290*202*202mm, Weight (Net Weight): ≈8.5kg, it sounds heavy, in fact, even a girl can lift it.