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How to deal with climate change and have a positive impact 

  With the growing threat of climate change, we will not only face more obstacles but also all the power outages and interruptions that follow.

  From wildfires to earthquakes and hurricanes, millions of people across the country (and even the world!) experience the shock and uncertainty after natural disasters every year. As the uncertainty of climate change still seems to exist, these types of disasters will only continue to occur, leaving us all vulnerable to more emergencies.

  What is climate change?

  Climate refers to the average weather conditions of a particular location over a long period of time. Basically, the type of weather conditions you can expect in an area. Climate change is a "significant change in the average weather conditions over the past few decades." Conditions must develop in different directions over a long period of time in order to constitute a climate change that is the opposite of natural weather changes.

  What causes climate change?

  There are many natural and man-made causes of climate change. If the energy of the sun is reflected from the earth back to space or the atmosphere releases energy, the earth will cool. If the earth absorbs solar energy or atmospheric gases to prevent the released heat from entering space, the earth will warm up. The intensity of the sun, volcanic eruptions, and natural changes in greenhouse gas concentrations can all cause these conditions. However, since the middle of the 20th century, the rate of climate warming has been much faster than expected.

  In addition to methane and nitrous oxide, the earth’s main contributor to climate change and the increase in greenhouse gas emissions is the carbon dioxide that is produced and emitted into the atmosphere through the process of industrialization. Whenever humans use coal, oil, or natural gas to operate factories, drive cars, or heat, they will exacerbate global warming. Another major contributor is the deforestation process, which will remove plants from the earth that may help reduce carbon in the air.

  Has an impact on climate change

  You can deal with climate change in your own home in many ways. You can evaluate weekly errands and routes, and walk, bike or carpool as much as possible. Whether your house to ensure that you don’t waste any heat or air conditioning, causing your system to use more energy than it actually needs. Install energy-saving electrical appliances, do not turn on lights or electronic equipment when not in use, and check the tap for leaks of wasted water. You can even buy energy-saving bulbs!

  Understand that climate change is the first change in your own life that can combat its effects! Everyone can reduce their personal carbon footprint by using energy-efficient appliances at home, reducing the use of cars and electronics, and installing solar panels.