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How to set up your own emergency survival kit

  After experiencing the epidemic in 2020, we often reflect that in the face of various sudden natural disasters, our preparations will never be sufficient. How to give uncertainty to the unknown in the future, just like a few days ago, Russia officially declared war on Ukraine, many people in the capital Kyiv fled, carrying luggage with large bags and preparing to move to other cities or air defense facilities.

  To add a security to ourselves and prevent problems before they happen, maybe we can start with an emergency survival kit.

  Everyone at home has bought some outdoor products that were useful at the time but seldom used. It is better for us to use waste, classify them, and add some common and practical protective equipment to assemble an emergency survival kit by yourself.

How to set up your own emergency survival kit

  The location where the final bag is stored should be easy to take first, because disasters often happen in an instant, and there is not enough time for us to prepare. It is difficult to imagine what kind of picture it would be to rummage through the boxes at that time. Second, if a disaster occurs at night, it is also the time when people have the most time to react and prepare. Therefore, I suggest that the assembled bag should be better placed in the bedroom, such as the wardrobe or some storage cabinets by the bed, so that even in the event of a disaster at night, it can be taken and used as soon as possible.

  First of all, we need to prepare a bag, because the utilization rate of this bag is very low, and we even hope that we will never use it, so we can choose a bag that is not commonly used in your home for use, but it is recommended to use it as a backpack as much as possible, and have certain accommodation space.

  Fire blanket, also known as fire blanket, escape blanket, etc., is a fabric woven from glass fiber and other materials through special treatment, which can isolate heat sources and flames, and can be used to cover in the event of a fire. On the fire source, the isolation air plays the role of extinguishing the fire. It can also be worn on the body during a fire to escape from the fire.

  As the name suggests, the thermal insulation blanket is when it is cold, wrap it on the body or the parts that are prone to freezing, which can reflect the heat emitted by the human body and achieve the effect of thermal insulation. The international general thermal blanket is made of tin foil, which is very light and thin. Because after the disaster escapes or goes outside, such as injury or in winter, the drop in body temperature will aggravate the injury of the injured person. Wrapping the thermal blanket is a kind of protection for the injured patient. We can also see the situation of wrapping thermal blankets and waiting for help in many movies and TV series.

  Survival whistle is an outdoor whistle. When encountering disasters such as earthquakes, if unfortunately you are trapped in a specific space waiting for rescue, what you should do at this time is to keep your physical strength calmly. Screaming for help will accelerate oxygen consumption and cause a rapid decline in physical strength. When the physical strength is exhausted, the real rescuers will lose the best chance to call for help. Using the survival whistle can use the least physical strength to transmit a clear enough distress signal to the outside, and it can be sent out regularly and continuously. At the same time, the survival whistle does not have to be used in distress, it can also be used as a contact, simple communication and direction positioning.

  In a disaster, it is inevitable to suffer some trauma, so preparing a simple medical kit can deal with some injuries and reduce the damage at the first time. The contents of the medical kit should mainly focus on simple trauma treatment, and other commonly used drugs can be prepared according to their respective needs. What needs to be reminded here is that medicines are all expiration dates and need to be replaced regularly according to time.